Hi friends, in my most of blog post I used to discuss about various type of WordPress Plugins. But now too some of us don’t know actually what is a Plugin is,and how to install or configure it. This post is just for helping them to explain about WordPress Plugin and its usage.WordPress Plugins are small program or a group of programs which is used to increase the functionality of our website in some way. Most of the plug-ins are developed by using PHP scripting language and add an additional functions or features to our website.

How Install a WordPress Plugin?

We can install all WordPress Plugins in two ways. Manual and automatic.

To install a WordPress Plugin automatically, go to Plugins > Add New and enter the search term or the name of the Plugin to find the Plugin that you wish to install.

Click Details under the listed Plugin names to view more details about the Plugin, and about its installation, configuration helps and supporting wordperss version, etc.,

Select your Plugin from this list and click install to install. If installation is successfully completed, then a resulting screen will come; click Activate if you wish to activate it.

WordPress will show an error message if your Plugin fails to install or not installed correctly. If it is so, then you can try the manual installation method.

To install the WordPress Plugin manually:

  1. Download the WordPress Plugin to your computer.
  2. Upload the Plugin file or folder to the Plugin folder (/wp-content/Plugins.
  3. Click Activate from the Plugin list to activate the Plugin.

Check your WordPress administration panel for confirming that the Plugin is working well.