Only a few days to go for Christmas, we all are promoting our stories, gifts, photos around the web,  The hashtag is likely the most popular means of categorizing content on Instagram. It makes our own content discoverable and allows us to find relevant content from other people and businesses. Here are the latest top 20 trending Christmas hashtags for Instagram

Knowing how to use hashtags is fundamental to your success on Instagram. Having 11+ hashtags proved to bring the best engagement. The study says that posts with 11 or more hashtags get the most likes and shares.

Before posting your instagram images with hashtags, please make sure you are only choosing the hashtags, which are relevant to the post or images. For example: Don’t put #christmasgift in an image of a street which is decorated with Christmas trees and lights, readers will consider it as spam.

Here are the most popular Christmas hashtags, along with the number of times it’s been used.

Top 20 Trending Christmas Hashtags

#christmas – 89,522,191
#xmas – 15,342,088
#christmastree – 11,539,826
#christmaseve – 4,507,033
#christmasiscoming – 2,180,423
#christmaslights – 2,468,522
#christmas2017 – 457,706
#christmasday – 1,198,613
#christmasparty – 2,530,196
#christmasspirit – 1,369,641
#christmaspresent – 542,764
#merrychristmas – 10,275,580
#christmaspresents – 210,179
#christmasgift – 783,067
#christmasdecorations – 359,254
#christmasdinner – 338,425
#christmascheer – 144,565
#christmassweater – 107,967
#christmascookies – 280,344

Use above popular Christmas hashtags in your coming Instagram posts. It will bring you more and more likes and shares. Don’t forget to pick the most relevant ones, and putting the hashtags in your comments instead of the description has the same effect.

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