Are you using Siri with MacOS Sierra? Here we look at the top 10 Siri Uses on Mac.

Read emails

Apart from find your emails,Siri will also read them to you. Just say, “Read emails” and you will see previews of your unread emails right within the Siri window. And Siri will start to read through your email, starting from the sender’s name, subject line and date and time of arrival for each unread message.

Find files

Siri can help you to find files you want to return to by simply say “Show me videos from yesterday” or “Show me documents from last week” or “Show me presentations from last year.” Siri understands time periods and files extensions to help you zero on the files you need. You can even ask Siri to open a particular folder in Finder.

Set reminders

Top 10 Siri Tips and TricksThe easiest way to set a reminder is to use Siri. Just say “Remind me…” to make a phone call, or pay bills,or just get up and stretch.

Web search

Siri mac sierra web search


Siri will run a web search using Microsoft Bing when you say “Search the web” before some search term. Search results will be displayed in Siri’s window, and you can open the link in your favorite browser.

Post to Twitter or Facebook

Mac Sierra Siri Text MessageSay “Tweet this” or “Post to Facebook” and Siri will ask you to speak your tweet or status update. Siri will show a preview before asking you to post it.You should first set up your Facebook or Twitter accounts in System Preferences > Internet Accounts in order for Siri to post for you.

Open a website

You can ask Siri to open any websites by say “Open website” with some website names , like “Open website TechiesTips How To.” You should include the keyword “website” so that Siri doesn’t think you are asking her to open an app.

Launch an app

Say “Open Photos” or “Open Activity Monitor” or “Open LibreOffice” and Siri will launch an app for you. It works with Apple’s own apps and third-party apps, too.

Send texts

Say “Send a text to Shino” or one of your other contacts and you can read your message,then Siri will send it for you.

Find photos

You can ask Siri to show your photos by Say “Show me photos from yesterday” or “Show me photos from Paris” and Siri will launch the Photos app with a selection of photos that match your criteria.

Control settings

Siri Mac Sierra disable wifi


You can ask Siri change your system settings like lower, raise or mute your volume, Change screen brightness, Turn Blutooth on or off, Activate Do not disturb in your Mac