Google Assistant and Siri are personal voice assistants built into the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL phones and Apple iPhone respectively. In this article we will compare Siri vs Google Assistant.

Siri vs Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It is considered an extension of Google Now. Google Assistant is developed by Google and launched on May’ 16. The start up speed of Google assistant is 1.6 sec and response time is 2.7 sec

Siri is a computer program that works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, part of Apple Inc.’s IOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS operating  systems. Siri is developed by Apple and launched on Oct’ 11. The start up speed of Siri is 1.8 sec and response time is 2.5 sec


Round 1: Memory

Google Assisant tends to remember things pretty well when compared with Siri. See below example

Siri vs Google Assistant Comparision

Round 2: Apps Integration

When it comes to integration of apps, Siri hold the upper hand.

Siri Vs Google Assistant

Round 3: Conversational Friendly

Google Assistant is more personal or conversationally friendly when compared with Siri. You’ll feel more like speaking o a friend that to software



Round 4: Some More Questions

Apple Siri Vs Google Assistantgoogle assistant vs apple siriSiri Vs Google AssistantTo test them out even better, a few questions were done. These were the responses eache assistant came up with

Final Round:

Features Google Siri
Make Calls icon icon
Set reminders,alarms & timers icon icon
Navigate using Google/Apple maps icon icon
News updates icon icon
Provide weather alerts icon icon
Play Musics icon icon
Play games icon icon
Answer search related queries icon icon
Ask riddles icon icon
Recite poetry icon icon
Send messages icon icon
Keep calendar appointments icon icon
Give restaurant suggestions icon icon
Open apps icon icon
Translate icon icon
Find friends icon icon
Take notes on note apps icon icon
Post to Facebook,Twitter icon icon
Give stock alerts icon icon
Make basic math calculations icon icon
Recognize music through Shazam icon icon
Search and display photos icon icon


While Google Assistant is better at remembering information and allowing you to refer things mentioned previously in a conversation, Siri skilfully works with apps on your phone.

You’ll love how less like a robot you need to converse with Google Assistant that with Siri. This way, Google stands out as a Voice Assistant.
You don’t have to ask the same question from 3 ways to get your answer either, just ask about a previous question – Google Assist will handle it well.

Overall, we think both Siri and Google Assistant are great – but when it comes to the accuracy and memory, Siri can’t beat Google Assistant

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