phpBB is a popular open source bulletin board software written in php scripting language. “phpBB” stands for PHP Bulletin Board. By Using this forum software we can create very unique bulletin board. in minutes.

I am sure that no other forum software offers this much great features, while phpBB3 is too easy to use and maintain. The most important thing is this is totally free. And it is available under the GNU General Public License. As I mentioned, phpBB3 is having lots of features which make it great. Few of them are

1) Supporting multiple database engines like Oracle,SQL Server, MySQL,SQLite

2) Flat message structure

3) Topic merge/lock/split

4) Hierarchical sub forums

5) User Groups

6) Multiple attachments per post

7) Plugins and several notification options like e-mail, ATOM feeds, jabber instant messaging.

8) Containing hundreds of style and image packages to customize your bulletin board.

9) Search Engine Spider Handling

10) Private Message System

11) Unread Message Tracking

12) Search Engine Spider Handling

You can run a phpBB3 demo by a  click here. Are you interested? Then please start using phpBB by downloading it from here. For more details and help please visit phpBB3 home page.


Unzip downloaded phpBB3 archive and place it in your server. Then to open installation  please enter the URL in any browser.

PhpBB3 Installation
Introduction page of the phpBB installation screen.


You can only install phpBB3 if you are having certain minimum requirements. For starting installation you need  a database and have PHP installed in your system.

Please refer section on phpBB3’s requirements to know  more about the phpBB3.0’s minimum requirements.


Database settings In order to start installation process you need to specify which database you are going to use. Please refer below image for more details.

In this screen we want to enter the following details

1) Database Type (e.g. mySQL, Oracle SQL server,)

2) Database server hostname (Database server address)

3) Database server port (Port of the database server)

4) Database name

5) Database username

6) Database password

If you are unable to install phpBB3 after reading this guide then please look at the support section to find out the problem.