Mingle Forum Search Not Working [Resolved]

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Today I faced a wired issue while using Mingle Forum WordPress plugin, Mingle Forum plugin is a best plugin that can be used for creating
forum in our site. All worked but except the forum search functionality !!!

I searched a lot in their support forums and googled a lot and finally found a simple solution to solve this searching issue. Let me write the solution below,

Actually this problem is coming because of some database issue, Mingle Forum search will only work if the table supports FULLTEXT indexing,
so we have to enable FULLTEXT indexing to solve this issue, just use below mysql script to resolve this issue.
alter table `wp_forum_posts` engine = MYISAM;
alter table `wp_forum_posts` add fulltext(text);
alter table `wp_forum_posts` add fulltext(subject);

Thats all.. Enjoy.. If you found this useful please share this to others too.. And if you are facing any issues then please post it here through

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