If you are having a folder full of image sequences that you want to make it to an animated GIF file. There are lots of  online services that let you create
and download  your own GIFs for free, however, these sites usually reduces the  output qualities, such as the GIF image size, resolution, and
durations.So Adobe Photoshop provides an easy and fast way to convert image sequences to an animated GIF file.1)  Gather the images you want to animate into one folder.

2)  Choose File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.

Load Files into Stack

3)  Click Browse to select all the PNG or JPEG files in the image sequence, then click the OK button. If you have a lot of files making up the sequence,
this step may take a few minutes.

4)  When it is finished, you’ll see that a single file has been created, with each image loaded into a separate layer.  

Choose Window > Timeline to display the Timeline panel.

5) Click the Create Frame Animation button in the Timeline panel. This will create a single frame in the Timeline panel.


Convert Image Sequence to Animated GIF

6) In the Timeline panel menu, choose Make Frames From Layers

7) Choose File > Export > Save For Web

Convert Image Sequence to Animated GIF Using Photoshop

8) Choose one of the GIF Presets, choose the desired Looping option, and then click the Save button.