How To Change User Password Ubuntu 16.04

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This tutorial will teach you how to change user password Ubuntu. On Ubuntu, you can change password from either command line or  GUI as explained below.

Change Ubuntu user password using GUI

1. Go to System Settings

change user password ubuntu

Or you can access system settings from system settings ubuntu

2. Then Click on User Accounts

Ubuntu 16.04 Password change

3. Click on Password box

Password Cange Ubuntu 16.04

4. Then a pop up box will come, there you can change user password, first you should provide the current password, then enter the new password twice. Then click on “Change” button

change user password ubuntu

Change Ubuntu Password Using Command Line

Ubuntu Password Change using terminal

First open terminal, then enter below commands line,

To change the root password:

sudo passwd

To change your user password:


To change other users password:

sudo passwd USERNAME

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