Hi friends,
In my previous post I had explained about phpBB Open Source Bulletin Board Software and how to install and configure it. Now in this post I am going to explain you that how to change phpBB forum software’s existing header and logo with yours.

For changing your phpBB header, please do the following steps.

1) First Please upload your new header image to styles/stylename/theme/images/ folder.

2) Next you want to edit your Style Sheet file. For doing this, please go to styles/stylename/theme/common.css.
Next find .header in common.css file and add height to it.

Example: height: 100px;
You can change this height according to your need.
3) Next open your clours.css from styles/stylename/theme/colours.css. And find below code.

background-image: url(“{T_THEME_PATH}/images/bg_header.gif”);Here bg_header.gif is your old header name. So change this with your new header name.

4) That’s all. Now please refresh your theme and template to see the changes.

For changing phpBB forum’s logo please go through the following steps.

1) Create a new logo and save it as png, jpg or gif file. Next please upload it to imagesets folder of your forum.
You can see your imagesets folder at forum forum > styles > stylename > imagesets  folder.

2) Next you want to change the existing logo name with your new logo name. So just find the file imageset.cfg in you imageset folder ( imageset/imageset.cfg)

Then find the code

Img_site_logo= site_logo.gif*52*139

Here site_logo.gif is the existing logo name. So please change this name with your new logo name and its size according to your need. Next refresh your imagesets from Admin panel -> styles-> imagesets-> refresh.

That’s all!! Now please check your phpBB forum home page. You can see the new logo instead of old one.