Getting Ordered Items and their Detail from Order ID in Magento

Here is a small snippet of code, yet useful, to get ordered items and its details using the order id. Sometimes we need to access product Id, Product SKU, product name and the categories of those products by using the order number,Please use below code for this,

require ‘app/Mage.php’;

$order_id = 1433325;
$order = Mage::getModel(‘sales/order’)->loadByIncrementId($order_id);

// get order item collection
$orderItems = $order->getItemsCollection();

foreach ($orderItems as $item){

$product_id = $item->product_id;
$product_sku = $item->sku;
$product_name = $item->getName();
$_product = Mage::getModel(‘catalog/product’)->load($product_id);
$cats = $_product->getCategoryIds();
$category_id = $cats[0]; // just grab the first id
$category = Mage::getModel(‘catalog/category’)->load($category_id);
$category_name = $category->getName();

echo “Product Name: “.$product_name.”<br/>”;
echo “Product ID=”.$product_id.”<br/>”;
echo “Product sku=”.$product_sku.”<br/>”;
echo “Category id=”.$category_id.”<br/>”;
echo “Category name=”.$category_name.”<br/><br/>”;

Hope it is very clear from this code itself..

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