Once I met a problem when I was trying to connect a site with ftp. I got an error with
“421 Sorry, cleartext sessions are not accepted on this server.”

So I googled and researched over web and find out an easy solution:

Below is the steps to solve it.

We can solve this by Just adding  a ‘ftpes://’ before the domain name.

So for example

If the old one’s host name is,  ‘domain.com’

Then we can add ‘ftpes://’ before the it. So the new host name will be ‘ftpes://domain.com’.

We can solve this by one another method too. Below is the alternative method,

1) Login in to your  Web Host Manager
2) Select Service Configuration
3) Go To FTP Server Configuration
4) Check that  :
TLS Encryption Support : set to  “Optional”.

Now try to connect the ftp using any of the ftp clients like Filezilla , I’m sure it will work..