Facebook announced on Friday the launch of a new feature ‘Facebook Multilingual Composer’ – that serves as a translation tool which will allow users to compose statuses in a total of 45 different languages

The new tool named ‘Multilingual Composer’ automatically translates text into the desired language of the user’s choice.  Facebook began testing “multilingual composer” earlier this year with owners of business pages. And about 5,000 pages have used the composer, and their posts receive 70 million views daily. Of those, 25 million posts are viewed in a secondary language, Facebook says. But even more people see automatic translations of posts in their feed — 300 million people every day.
Data gathered from the multilingual composer will train Facebook’s natural-language processing models.
The company said,

“This will not only help people communicate better across diverse groups that speak many languages, but will help train and improve our machine translation models as we gather new data in less common languages — moving us closer to the vision of removing language barriers across Facebook,”

How to write a post in more than one language using Facebook Multilingual Composer?

  • Go to Settings > General Settings
  • Click on Post in Multiple Languages
  • Click on Allow people to manage this page to write post in multiple languages
  • Click save Changes

To write a post in more than one language to your Page using Facebook Multilingual Composer?

  • Write a post in your timeline which is a default language
  • Click on write post in another language > click select a language
  • Write in selected language and click on the post in another language to add another language or click Publish.

Now, Facebook saves page owner’s time and effort by composing multilingual option that user can write a single post in multiple languages which enable diverse audiences to interact more easily with pages and people they follow.