Few days before I did a social networking site for one of my client. I have used BuddyPress for developing it. Actually BuddyPress enable you to integrate social networking modules into your WordPress blog using a set of plugin and a theme.

BuddyPress Installation

BuddyPress can be activate from the WordPress plugins page. And The main thing is that we have to select a BuddyPress-enabled theme for integrate BuddyPress into our site.Then add the Widgets via the Appearance -> Widgets section.

Installing BuddyPress

BuddyPress Guide

BuddyPress Features

Private Messaging, Extended profile, adding new friends,Activity Streams, groups formation ,etc. are some of the great features of BuddyPress.

Using these features we can completely customize our WordPress blog into a social network. And a lots of plugins are available to improve the functionality of BuddyPress.

Useful Links

These links may help you to install or understand more about BuddyPress.
  • You can see the demo at : http://testbp.org/
  • Install BuddyPress plugin from: http://buddypress.org/extend/plugins/
  • Installation guide : http://codex.buddypress.org/getting-started/installing-buddypres-from-combo/


  1. Social networking sites may also lead to opportunities. Like they say, it’s who you know. People in your network and extended network may actually know somebody who could be interested in your product or service. And because social networks are interconnected through the people you know, searching for a common friend or contact is as easy as clicking a friend’s profile and browsing through his contacts.