You have just written the blog post, Optimize it for search engine, doubled checked the grammatical mistakes. And you’re ready to schedule it to go live. But wait,
surly you may ask yourself the ultimate question – When is the best time to publish your blog post? At What time , time zone and what day of the week?

Learning when your audience is tuning in, and therefore when to post, is mandatory for any successful blogger.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at some studies that analyze the best time to publish blog posts for specific results.

The Best Time To Publish Blog Post For Traffic, Comments, & Links

In this study from KISSmetrics, Dan Zarrella, Search Engine Land, and HubSpot, we can learn a lot about blog publishing times.

Best time to publish blog post

So this research prove that,

if you are looking for more traffic, then you should publish on Monday  at 11 am EST. If comments are your main target then the best day is Saturday and time is 9 am EST

For better clarity, I have listed out each point below

Blog Timing Facts:

  • The highest percentage of users read blogs in the morning.
  • A higher percentage of men read blogs in the evening and at night.
  • Monday is the best time to get more traffic
  • 11am Eastern Time is the best time .
  • If you are looking for comments then post on Saturday.
  • You will get more inbound links on Monday and Thursday.
  • The average blog gets the most inbound links at 7am Eastern Time.

Timing & Email Marketing

  • Consumer promotion emails are best sent between 7pm and 10pm
  • Holiday promotion emails are best sent between 5pm and 7pm.
  • Emails related to property and financial services are generally opened between 3pm and 5pm.
  • Email abuse reports, bounce rates, open rates and click rates are reported highest in the early morning during all days of the week.
  • The optimal email sending frequency is generally 1 to 4 emails a month.

Timing & Social Networks

  • 5PM Eastern Time is the best time to tweet.
  • The best tweeting frequency is 1 to 4 tweets per hour.
  • Saturday is the best day to share content on Facebook.
  • Noon Eastern Time is the best time of the day to share content on Facebook.
  • The best sharing frequency on Facebook is .5 posts per day.

There are pros and cons to publishing at the height of popular times in the day. There is no doubt , you’ll get lots of visitors, engagement and comments. But at the same time, you’ll get higher bounce rates and end up being buried in social newsfeeds along with all the other publishers taking advantage of popular posting times.