Christmas is around, and you must be looking for gifts. It is easy to buy gifts for girls because they are often into pretty dresses and toys. The real problem arises when you have to buy a gift for a tech lover. Here we have the list of best tech devices to gift your tech lover buddy this Christmas.


This is the age of the  smartphone and it would not be wrong to say that the young Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmasgeneration cannot live without one. There are many individuals that think, phones should come with lifetime battery so that they will not have to charge it or deal with the broker cords.

To help such individuals out the HoverDock has been developed. It is the latest charger for the iPhone users, they just have to keep their phone on the deck and it will get charged. The best part is that you can use your screen without the worry of damaging the cord.

Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Robot vacuum

Not only men but there are a few women who are in love with the high-tech devices and Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmaswant to have a collection of their own. Robot vacuum is the perfect gift for the ladies that have to complete all the house chores alone whether they are married or not.

It will be a good choice for the men as well. It is a unique device that will help to clean the carpeted floors and you can use it on tiles as well. There is a strong suction capability in the device that will suck all the dirt. It is small in size and can easily clean under the sofas.Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can help you turn your house into a smart home. With the WiFi connectivity, it Best tech devices to gift a tech loverwill control all the devices of your house with the command of your voice. All you have to do is let the echo know like dim the lights, play the music and much more.

In case you are forgotten to turn off the lights, it will automatically shut down all the system, once you have left your house. Amazon Echo is the perfect gift for those who want their homes to be perfectly managed.

Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Google pixel buds

Google pixel bud is the recently introduced high-tech earbuds that will provide you with an amazing listening experience.Best tech devices to gift a tech lover

  • It has been developed with the latest technology and has the features better than Apple pods.
  • The buds are connected with the AI which means that it can follow the command of your voice
  • The biggest attraction of the product is that it can easily translate 40 languages, which means you will not have to deal with foreign language translators when you will have one in your ear
  • The product is compatible with all types of smartphones.

Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Key finder

There are many individuals around us that often forget their keys and other small items. It Best tech devices to giftmeans that they have to change the entire lock system of their house or office. The key finder is the perfect solution for all such individuals.

It is an attractive keyring in which you have to keep your keys. The other part of the device can stay in your purse or pocket. When you notice that you have forgotten your keys, simply press the button on the device and it will take you to your keys. It is like you will always have a key tracker for you.

Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Fitbit Smartwatch

If your tech lover friend is obsessed with losing weight or following the proper workout session, nothing can be better than a Fitbit smartwatch. Fitbit has developed some of the best fitness trackers, but it is the best one.

Best tech devices to gift

  • It will keep the track of your activities
  • You will know the number of calories that you have burned
  • Your heart rate and other vitals will be monitored to help you know when to stop

The biggest attraction of the product is that you can connect it to your smartphone to share your progress.

Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

LifeStraw water filters

There are many individuals around us that find it hard to stay at home. They love to travel, Best tech devices to giftand they often do to pay attention to where they are going and when. It means that finding the best quality and clean water might be tough for them.

This Christmas surprise them with the LifeStraw water filter. They might get confused in the beginning but once they will understand the benefits of this filter they will know that you really care. The product can help you filter more than 1000 liters of water. For a traveler that is more than enough especially when you have to drink water from a stream.Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Samsung gear or Apple watch

One of the best tech devices that you can gift a tech lover is an Apple watch or the SamsungBest tech devices to gift gear. The best thing about the gift is that you will not have to work hard because it is easier to find out what smartphones they are using.

The smartwatch will help them keep track of everything. Even if they are stuck there is no need to miss a call because it can be taken with the help of the watch. There is no need to take the phone out in crowded places when you have the watch.Best tech devices to gift a tech lover this Christmas

Bottom line

Once you have decided the gift that you are planning to buy, you have to be extra careful while selecting the retailer. Make sure that you compare the services and rates of different products, so you will get the best deal.

While buying the technological gifts you should know what the other person likes. It will be easier for you to select the best device. As the Christmas is near you can wait for the discounts and deals if you are on a tight budget. It will help you find the best deal even on the most expensive products. Surprise your friend or family member is the best way, with the gift that you have bought.

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