You might have noticed that recently Google changed all BlogSpot domains to your country’s TLD, that is ccTLD ( Country code Top Level Domain). If your blog is from India then your Blogspot address might be changed from “” to “”, or if you are from UK then to “”.

But for custom domains this change does not affect. Actually youwill not be able to see any changes for the performance or look and feel of your blog except the URL of the  blog.Why Blogger/Blogspot changed domain to countries TLD?

This migration to localized domains will help Google to continue promoting free expression and responsible publishing while providing greater flexibility in complying with valid removal requests pursuant to local law. Google can manage content removals on a per country basis by utilizing ccTLDs, which  will reduce their impact to the smallest number of readers. That is, content removed due to specific country’s law will only be  removed from the specific ccTLD.

Will this affect SEO of my blog?

Google is currently trying to solve all the negative consequences regarding this domain change. After this change the crawlers will see same content on many different domain. This will cause content duplication. So Google will specify the version as the canonical version using rel=canonical. So no need to be worried about  content duplication problem.

So friends…… keep on blogging without worrying..