Fitness trackers routinely calculate the physical activities like running and cycling and make people stand up and walk around throughout the day. But if you’re in a wheelchair, what to do?

The Upcoming Apple Watch will change this limitation with its new feature which is announced on Monday.

Instead of running and cycling, people in wheelchairs want to wheel or spin their chairs around regularly. Apple will start tracking distance, speed and calories burned during wheelchair use, just as it does for normal users.

The new feature will definitely give Apple’s smartwatch an image boost over stand-alone fitness trackers , Apple’s chief operating officer – Jeff Williams, said the feature isn’t about market opportunities.

“We want to make products that serve every walk of life,” Williams said in an interview. “We realize that while it was great for messages on the wrist, we wanted to offer this group of people the same opportunity to get healthier using Apple Watch.”

Two groups partnered with Apple that promote physical fitness in disability populations, the Lakeshore Foundation of Birmingham, Alabama, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation of San Diego. Both groups were recruited about 300 people in wheelchairs for more than 3,000 hours of research.
No new hardware upgradation is required for this feature, this is part of a free software updating, watches 3.0, which will come later this year.