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Valentine’s Day is coming soon and that is a great moment to surprise your special person. Many will buy some ordinary things, such as red roses or perfume, but you should not do the same. There are more interesting products available on the market and some may be truly amazing. Thanks to the fast technology development, you can buy unique devices for a quite small amount of money. In the text below, you will find 5 coolest tech gifts for Valentine’s Day.

1. Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Using Samsung Gear VR will bring virtual reality in the front of the user’s eyes. With this Samsung Gear VR with Controllerextraordinary device, they will experience an amazing adventure while sitting on the couch. Like a teleport machine from sci-fi movies, it can instantly take users to other places, and you can only imagine how fascinating that can be. They can even virtually meet with friends if they are using the same device at the same time. Really amazing, isn’t it?

2. Amazon Echo (Second Generation)

Amazon Echo is a hands-free device that you can control with your voice only. For example, it is capable to play music, according to your demandBest tech devices to gift a tech lovers, and you just need to say loudly the name of the song. After that, Amazon Echo will connect to the Alexa Voice Service, and the music will start playing. But, this device can much more, and you can also use it for making calls, sending and receiving messages, asking various questions, providing information and even more. Obviously, Amazon Echo can serve as a great gift as well.

3. Google Wifi System

The old wifi routers were quite limited with insufficient range to cover larger houses and apartments. In some areas, the signal was very low or there was no signal at all. Obviously, that can cause a lot of problems, and in order to use the Internet properly, you have to be close to the router. Fortunately, there is a solution for that problem now. Google Wifi System is a helpful device that can cover your whole house with an excellent signal. It has a very long range that can cover up to 4.500 square feets. Your special person will certainly love to have this device, so you should consider buying it.

4. Syma X5C Quadcopter with 2.0MP Camera

Syma Quadcopter is a small and affordable drone with an integrated 2.0MP camera. It is a fully functional device like its bigger counterparts, and it can normally fly and take pictures. Its price is really great, and you can buy it for just $32.99, which is a really small amount of money for a drone with a camera. All would definitely love to have one for taking photos, and that is a great reason why you should buy it for the special person.

5. Ticwatch E Shadow

Ticwatch E is a new high-end Android wear watch that has an affordable price. A black color makes it inconspicuous, and the watch looks quite simple but still has some very powerful built-in features, such as GPS navigation and accurate heart rate sensor. This watch is like a small computer and can be connected to the Internet. Besides, using Ticwatch E during sports activities is a very useful thing because the user can monitor the health condition. All that means it would be an ideal present, and you can buy it for $127.99.


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